Puma Suede Classic 20210907

The recommended size is a little bit different from the size I bought before. The comfort is OK. The previous feeling is similar. The foot wrapping feeling is not particularly strong. The sole material is soft. The style is OK. Generally speaking, the tongue seems to have a little flaw, which is different from the classic one

I saw that most of the comments said that I would buy a size smaller than half a size. Then I saw a girl suggest that I should buy the size I usually wear. Then I bought it according to my usual size. My conscience really suggested that I should buy it according to the normal size. It is just right to wear. This kind of shoes are more slim, not the loose type, easy to wear, and the sole is very soft The sole is a little thin. The shoes are very nice. I always want a pair of puma, and then my shoes are all white. I start when I see this pair, and they are also versatile. Great love.

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