asics Gel-Ptg MT 20210810

There is no red mark can only buy a pure white, after all, is also a versatile, but not very satisfied. The leather is not very good, the new front split The first pair of Arthurian shoes is also the last. The design of shoes is anti human. Most of the size is uncomfortable, but the small part is still uncomfortable. If you really want to buy board shoes, you still have to buy Nike Air Force No.1 LH1. In addition, the express is also quite pit, can actually send the wrong place, please change Jingdong express OK Plus exchange can waste you more than a week of time, bad comments!

It’s very beautiful. I wear AJ’s 42 in general, and I also choose 42 in this one. It happens that if you have some or fat feet, it’s suggested to buy a size larger. The shoes are relatively thin. After 10 minutes of foot feeling, they are hard. The insole performance is generally genuine, genuine, but this pair of shoes is not suitable for playing basketball.

asics Gel-Ptg MT

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