Nike LeBron 15 20210809

1. From the appearance, it’s really suitable for pressing the road 9 / 10 2. The wrapping is good, and the backpack wrapping is 8 / 10 3. The zoom of the forefoot is very surging, and the max of the back foot also has a strong buffer, but there is no obvious cushioning of the forefoot 8.5/10 4. It’s a blue crystal bottom. Although the color is cooler, it’s not so wearable. On the other hand, the anti rollover is very common. It’s easy to sprain, but the torsion resistance and stability are OK. 6 / 10 and 6 / 10, respectively

Good shoes! Absolutely authentic! I bought shoes for my brother. It’s hard to buy shoes with proper color and size. I finally bought them here. It’s great! My brother also likes it very much. What do you like to do now

Nike LeBron 15

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