Puma Basket Classic 20210804

I arrived yesterday. I couldn’t help feeling happy. I put it on this morning. It was a little hot at noon, so I took off my shoes. The smell was quite strong, and the socks were also dyed. Maybe I was sweating a lot. After half a day, the trademark inside the shoes had been lost. Then the QR code was swept and nothing was found. I don’t know what the QR code is for Maybe it’s an ornament, or the way I sweep it is wrong I can’t see if it’s a genuine product. I’ll give you a reference. Anyway, I bought it in my early 300’s on the double 11. I also bought a pair of other styles for my mother. It hasn’t been delivered yet. I asked the customer service and didn’t respond. That’s it

Really like live up to yourself and wait so long, it’s really fried chicken, foot comfortable length is just the key to their favorite brothers endorsement!!!

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